Packaging Uses

Food Service

Everyone wants their food to arrive at the temperature that it should be. Whether you are shipping Ice cream or delivering a hot meal, our box liners hold up to the requirements. Our interlocking system keeps the panels in place for ease of packaging and ensures a safe appropriate temperature upon arrival. 

We have the ability to design a custom package that will securely hold your valuable food or beverage product such as wine bottle, canned goods and much more.


In an age where medicine is so prevalent, the ability to keep it at a required temperature is at the utmost of importance. Our box liners have been shipped worldwide and have always performed up to the standards of our customers.

When looking to package a precision medical device, EPS foam will not only protect your product but will give it an appearance that will enhance the quality of your product.


Our custom EPS Foam inserts protect sensitive electronics such as medical devices, computer components and much more.  With our CNC capabilities we can protect your product as well as make it stand out visually to your customers. Our team will design the best product possible to ensure the safety of your product during transit.


When packaging your cosmetic product, visibility is key to promoting your brand. As we know, perception is the reality. Your customers need to be ensured that the product they just received is free from damage and looks great. EPS Foam can protect your valuable cosmetic with the safety that it needs. Our CNC capabilities allows us to customize you package to the precise specification of your product.


EPS Foam is an excellent product to support a floral arrangement. Its uses range from blocks to create grave blankets to custom shapes for a special occasion. We manufacture products with the use of CNC technology such as hearts, wreaths, religious symbols and just about anything your imagination can dream up.

If you in the need to fill a large planter and do not want to use all soil, our EPS Chunks are an excellent substitution.  The chunk sizes range from a golf ball to a baseball which will provide excellent stability as well as drainage.


We manufacture a wide variety of EPS blocks, cylinders, sheets, cake dummies and many other crafting designs. These items can be used in your business, home and even schools for art projects.