Industries Served

Food Service Packaging

When it comes to keeping you food at the desired temperature, EPS Foam has you covered. With a long term R-Value (resistance to heat flow) our box liners will ensure that your product reaches your customers at the temperature that you intended and without damage. Learn more.

Electronics Packaging

Whenever you purchase a new TV, Computer etc.., the most commonly used packaging material is EPS Foam. The reason for this is that it is the most cost effective and proficient packaging on the market today, let alone it is 100% recyclable. Our capabilities to custom manufacture specific packaging to your product line will enhance the protection that your product arrives safely to its final destination. Learn more.

Medical Packaging

EPS Foam Has the ability to keep your medicines such as vaccines at the required temperature for transport. This will ensure that your product will still have its effectiveness for when it’s administered to the patient. If you are want reliability when it counts, choose EPS. Learn more.

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is all about the impression that you make to your customer. If you are looking to for a product that will enhance the look and provide peace of mind that your product will arrive safely, then EPS Foam should be your choice.

Floral / Crafting Industry

We have ability to create a custom EPS Foam wreaths, heart, religious symbols and much more to hold flowers for any specific occasion. We also can provide EPS Foam fill for your larger flower pots so you can eliminate much of the soil to produce a much lighter pot to transport.

We manufacture a wide variety of EPS blocks, cylinders, sheets, cake dummies and many other crafting designs. These items can be used in your business, home and even schools for art projects. Learn more.