Food Service Packaging

When it comes to keeping you food at the desired temperature, EPS Foam has you covered. With a long term R-Value (resistance to heat flow) our box liners will ensure that your product reaches your customers at the temperature that you intended and without damage.


Everyone wants their food to arrive at the temperature that it should be. Whether you are shipping Ice cream or delivering a hot meal, our box liners hold up to the requirements. Our interlocking system keeps the panels in place for ease of packaging and ensures a safe appropriate temperature upon arrival.  
We have the ability to design a custom package that will securely hold your valuable food or beverage product such as wine bottle, canned goods and much more.  
 Our cake dummies will help you display your artistic cake decorating skills in your bakery without the need to bake a cake. All dummies come in a variety of shapes and sizes that will suit your needs to create your masterpiece.
In today’s day and age almost everything can be purchased online. So when you want to ship your precious cakes or pies we can make a custom package to assure safe arrival to your customer.