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EPS Foam Recycling

There has been a misconception the EPS foam is not recyclable. This couldn’t be further from the truth because we have been recycling EPS foam since 1971. We have been serving industries such plush toys, furniture, picture framing and many others that make their product out of plastic. EPS Foam is 100% recyclable!

Foam Pack Is Committed to keeping the environment clean and preventing Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) waste from entering our landfills. Commonly known as Styrofoam TM, which is the trademark brand owned by Dow Chemical Company, EPS is much different. Through polymerization, styrene is refined into polystyrene and then a hydrofluorocarbon agent is added. This combination is then forms closed celled material that when pressurized expands to form a bead that fuses to other beads to form a block. Styrofoam tm (XPS), Is a closed cell extruded polystyrene also known as “Blue Board” that is used in the building industry for thermal insulation.


We currently recycle over 40,000 lbs per month and 500,000 lbs annually of EPS foam. In addition we service 10 counties, 20 municipalities and over 50 business that are involved in our recycling program.

If you would like to start a program in your municipality, please contact your recycling coordinator and have them contact us for details. Business’, please call for details.

All residents that their municipality is involved in our program, must take their EPS Foam to the proper drop off location in their town. Other residents must call prior to dropping of EPS Foam at our facility. If approved, Our Drop off hours are M-F 8am – 4pm. All guidelines must be followed.

EPS Recycling Guidelines

  • We currently only accept CLEAN WHITE EPS Foam
  • Remove all tape, sticker, cardboard, glue and label
  • The EPS foam must be clean from dirt, dust and paint
  • All foam must be in clear plastic bags
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The Following Items ARE Acceptable

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The Following Items are NOT Acceptable

takeout containers
  • We DO NOT accept take out containers
  • We DO NOT accept packing peanuts
  • We DO NOT accept foam wrap
  • We DO NOT accept wet foam

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Densified EPS for Purchase

If you are in the market of purchasing quality grade “A” densified EPS material, look no further. We pride ourselves in providing CLEAN 99.9% NFR material to our customers. Each block that we produce weighs approximately 80-100 pounds and we produce a pallet that weighs approximately 1750 pounds ready to be shipped.

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Our martial is sold by the container and trailer loads only. A 40’ HQ container will accept approximately 33-36,000 lbs and a 53’ trailer will hold approximately 35 – 40,000 lbs. All customers must provide their own means of transporting the material to its final destination. We do not make any transportation arrangements and all pick-ups are FOB Springfield, NJ 07081.

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For pricing and availability of material, please contact Mitch at MITCH@FOAM-PACK.COM

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efs material