Box Liners

A box liner may be one of your most important components when packaging your perishable and non-perishable product for shipment. It may also increase your business due to the presentation and its thermal effectiveness. We design and custom fabricate a multitude of box liner sizes that will be a perfect fit to protect your product while being shipped.


We have been providing EPS custom box liners for the food, medical and packaging industry for over 40 years. Our interlocking design is easy to assemble as well as economical. Each EPS Liner is packed in a master carton which is separated according to Tops, Bottoms, Sides and Ends. This design allows for a tremendous amount of floor space to be saved and utilized for products to be shipped out. A molded Cooler will take a minimum of 5 times the amount of floor space of a box liner on your factory floor.




In addition all our box liners are 100 % Recyclable which can give peace of mind to the end using customer.