Custom Manufactured EPS Foam Packaging

There are many innovations in the packaging industry but none is more customizable, thermal protective and economical than EPS Foam. It is a light weight material that can withstand an impact and eliminate any damage to your product during shipping.

We custom manufacture packaging solutions to fit the specifications of your product. Our precise design process allows us to effectively protect sensitive electronics, medical devices, Pharmaceuticals and perishable foods during the shipping process.

Whether you are shipping pharmaceuticals, food, electronics or any other specific item, we as a team have full confidence that your product will arrive safe and sound to its final destination.


Types of EPS Foam Packing

EPS Packaging ranges from custom specifications of your product to sheet form that can be cut and shaped yourself to the desired dimension.
Its common packaging uses are for:

food service

Food Service Packaging


Cosmetic Packaging


Medical Packaging


Floral Industry


Electronics Packaging

cnc routing

CNC Routing

cnc profiling

CNC Profiling

blocks and pads

Blocks Pads & Sheets


Floral & Crafting Industry

box liners

Box Liners


EPS Foam Recycling